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Lessons from Tesco: How To Optimise Payments

We wrote last week how Tesco “Acted Unreasonably” In Their Treatment Of Suppliers. Today, Ad Van der Poel, SVP Financing Services at Basware (a global leader in purchase-to-pay and eInvoicing solutions), […]

Tesco “Acted Unreasonably” In Their Treatment Of Suppliers

The Grocery Code Adjudicator, Christine Tacon (an old colleague of mine from Mars Confectionery days), released her long-awaited report into Tesco’s treatment of suppliers yesterday. […]

The Lean Supply Chain – Fascinating New Book on Tesco (part 2)

Labor Day

We started our review of the new book by Barry Evans and Robert Mason yesterday. “The Lean Supply Chain - Managing the challenge at Tesco” […]

The Lean Supply Chain – Fascinating Book on Tesco Goes Beyond Its Title

Sometimes you have to feel sorry for authors. Take Barry Evans and Robert Mason. They have both been supply chain professionals, Evans with Tesco and […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Hubwoo, the NHS, Tesco (again!) and Skinny Lister

So our picture this week features the Man in the White Jacket, cutting an impressively lively figure on the dance floor the other evening - […]