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Delivering Real World Sourcing in Dubai with Tejari and CIPS

So yesterday Guy Allen and I delivered the first Real World Sourcing event outside the UK, at the impressive Al Badia Golf Club in Dubai. […]

BravoSolution’s Real World Sourcing expert briefings return for 2013!

We’re delighted to say that BravoSolution are running another “Real World Sourcing” series in 2013 in conjunction with Spend Matters and Guy Allen. That follows […]

Trends to look out for in 2013 – Part 2, Procurement Developments

We looked yesterday at some of the big economic issues for 2013. Today, let’s consider more specific procurement trends. There are a number of topics […]

Get the slides from BravoSolution Real World Sourcing – “Measuring Procurement’s Performance”

As promised, we have the link now to the slides from last weeks’ latest episode in our BravoSolution Real World Sourcing Series - "Measuring Procurement's […]

Charles Dominick at NLPA gets his kids to explain procurement

Charles Dominick was either inspired or crazy enough back in 2000 to decide to take on the might of the global procurement Institutes – CIPS […]

Procurement myths: negotiation is all about body language and NLP

Another in our series, designed to provoke and challenge, where we de-bunk great procurement myths I'm probably going to upset a few people here...so I'll […]