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Trump Blasts Boeing – A Random Tweet or a Clever Negotiation Strategy?

Donald Trump fired a warning shot – or should that be a warning ground-to-air missile – at Boeing last week when he Tweeted that the […]

Trump Day – A View From A Reader

("RJ" commented on Jason Busch's article on the Spend Matters US site. We liked the comment so much we have turned it into this article […]

Seven Reasons Trump Is Not the End of the World – For Us and Procurement

As part of our Trump Day, Jason Busch, Spend Matters US founder, gives us his view of the key issues. OK, I admit to being […]

Trump Day on Spend Matters – Everything Procurement Professionals Need To Consider

Today is ‘Trump Day’ on Spend Matters UK/Europe! We have several articles from our Spend Matters team as well as some excellent and stimulating guest […]