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LUPC / SUPC Conference – First Impressions and Highlights

Yesterday saw about 300 people assemble on London’s South Bank (well, not actually on the bank, you understand, that might have been damp not to […]

The NHS Malthusian Challenge — Purchasing and Beyond (Part 2)

This is the second in a three-part series from new guest author, Adrian Fawcett, Chairman of Healthcare Cost Recovery, the UK’s leading financial reimbursement specialist for […]

The NHS Malthusian Challenge — Purchasing and Beyond (Part 1)

The "Malthusian Challenge" (where geometric growth of a population outstrips the resources available to it), if it continues in UK healthcare as it has been and is doing, looks set to simply render the NHS with a future inability to deliver unless changes take place. This is not any fault of any one government, but a dramatic population matter, set by society. With a UK economy that has not, in real terms, progressively grown by even 3 percent compound during the same time that we have seen NHS spend for the 15 years to 2010 rise by 4.9 percent a year compound -- far outstripping the growth of our commercial economy and GDP -- it is the simple economics and evidence that fiscal policymakers will have to alter, as society’s demand for healthcare is outstripping the economic growth they are providing.

Might Sir Philip Green regret his report on public sector procurement?

This is fascinating.  The Independent reported that Top Shop in Oxford Street was closed for a while on Friday because of protesters demonstrating against firms […]

Where have all the (Supply Management) jobs gone?

The latest unemployment figures were somewhat confusing; the headline doesn't look too bad, down 33,000, but when you get into the details, things start looking […]

Purchasing Managers’ Index – are we really recovering?

This week's CIPS/Markit Purcahsing Managers' Index  (PMI) for Services in the UKwas a cracking 58.4 (where a figure over 50 indicates  growth). So things must […]