Candex is the easy way to engage, track and pay for tail spend purchases of any kind. A B2B payments network for the Global 2000, Candex enables making fast and compliant payments to 90% of vendors of any company who are small – the long tail of vendors.

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Candex is a spend consolidator that provides an easy, fast, and compliant way for large companies to make purchases from small and one-time vendors. All purchases through Candex are automated and under approved POs using an existing P2P process – often delivered as a punchout catalog. The impact of Candex’s technology is significant. By directing only 5% of indirect spend through Candex, clients are able to remove 70-80% of the vendors from their vendor master. The Candex reporting style consolidates all tail vendor information in one place, thereby bringing transparency in the organisation. This brings harmony, simplicity, and consistency to a part of the supply chain that until yesterday was a major pain point and operational challenge. Trusted by the Global 2000, Candex is the undisputed leader in tail spend management and the most global solution available with local coverage in 40+ countries.

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