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Creactives helps global procurement and supply chain teams to cleanse, enrich, and harmonize their data, using UNSPSC and custom taxonomies. Creactives AI solutions are based on proprietary deep learning algorithms to provide Advanced Spend Analytics, Material&Service Master Data Governance, and Procurement Guidance Automation. Our distinctive combination of Deep Learning, Knowledge Engineering, and Crowd Learning is the key factor for a quick AI personalization on customer data in order to provide:
– Full visibility on automatically updated consumption models thanks to harmonized and granular data
– Global inventory management and working capital optimization
– Real-time AI assistants for Purchase Requisitions

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About Creactives SpA

Creactives provides solutions for Procurement and Supply Chain digitization.
MMD Cleansing and Governance, Spending Categorization, Real-time Data Assistants, powered by our AI engine, provide a unique combination of Deep Learning, Knowledge Engineering and Crowd Learning that makes possible easy and full AI customization on customer’s data.

Creactives AI solutions are based on proprietary deep learning algorithms to provide:
• Knowledge Engineering Cloud Platform: Tool to train AI engine- to automatically categorize, transform, and enrich unstructured information into high quality, granular, and structured information
• TSV8: Real-time procurement insights and analytics
• TAM4: Global inventory optimization and governance
• Data Assistants: Procurement process automation

To deploy the above Solutions, Creactives has also developed a network of global certified Partners, such as KPMG, that are able to train the AI on the Platform without the assistance of data scientists or AI experts.

Creactives’ technology at a glance:
• Cloud Platform for AI personalization on customer data to understand specific company jargon, with low customer effort
• Multiple Taxonomy categorization capabilities with the highest accuracy available on the market
• Ability to natively manage datasets in more than 25+ languages
• Crowd learning capabilities to automatically update AI model and predict future data by learning from evolving meanings
• Cost-effectively safeguards the creation of new information on a continuous automatic basis

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