Conciliator™ is an award-winning cloud platform powered by Artificial Intelligence , developed by Dhatim, the leading software editor in automation of administrative functions. More than 50 of the Forbes Global 2000 companies use Conciliator™.

Conciliator™ helps Procurement, Finance and HR teams by removing the burden of their laborious manual tasks, by identifying new sources of optimization and by taking automated actions.

Conciliator™ provides measurable benefits leading to an average ROI equivalent to 3 months:
– Complete Spend classification: Thanks to machine learning Conciliator™ uses all your data from ERP extracts, purchase orders and invoices to categorize your costs with 100% accuracy. Reach a deeper understanding of your supplier spend and master a broader scope of your company’s spend activity.
– Enhanced productivity: Procurement process automation and spend management optimization means no more time-consuming checks, allowing valuable FTE to be spent on more value-adding tasks.
– Automated cost savings: Conciliator™ uses prescriptive analytics algorithms to make real-time decisions and to automate optimization tasks, which provides additional savings ranging from 5% to 30%.

Conciliator Cloud Platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, automates Procurement, Finance and HR processes. Conciliator frees employees from tedious manual tasks and increases enterprise efficiency and efficacy.
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Conciliator™ automatically extracts,

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In Their Own Words: Dhatim

1/ The problem we solve

Enterprise back-office functions (Accounting, Procurement, Payroll control, Finance control, …) spend a lot of money and effort in performing manual and non automated operations (e.g. price validation, invoice entry, spend categorisation) on masses of unstructured data (Invoices, purchase orders, contracts, usage databases), which leads to a lack of quality, default of compliances and margin leaks. This has a direct impact on the productivity of the team, the comprehensiveness of the compliance and the competitiveness of the enterprise.

2/ Our solution to this problem

Thanks to the combination of Cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence, Conciliator, our software platform, has the capability to easily ingest all enterprise structures and unstructured data – such as invoices, purchase orders, contracts –  classify them – for example into spend or accounting systems – and to analyse them in order to take automated decisions and actions. In addition, Conciliator embeds business expertise and has the capability to be trained by operational team thanks to machine learning so as to offer to procurement, finance and he teams a tailored solution, ready-to-use that can assist them in their daily work.

3/ AI technologies we use

Conciliator embeds several AI based algorithms that are chained and hybrided in integrated workflows. This includes Deep Learning for document reading (PDF invoice). We also use supervised Machine Learning so that our customers can train (“teach”) Conciliator how to classify, take decisions and perform automated actions. We also use non supervised data science algorithms such as clustering or Random Forest to match items or identify hidden source of optimisations. And we have developed a machine language (CML) allowing our teams, partners and customers to tailored Conciliator with thousands of business rules.

4/ Benefits for our customers

– Increase of productivity by a minimum of 50%
Conciliator performs the whole process in few seconds, which frees accountants and finance teams from manual tedious tasks and help them focusing on value creation.
– Unprecedented quality with 99% of results guaranteed
Unlike human beings, Conciliator performs hundreds of controls on each invoice to validate the supplier, the prices, the VAT, the PO and all of the business critical information.
– Embedded Business Expertise
Conciliator™ has been designed to be trained and customized by operational people. Buyers, accountants, finance or payroll controllers, consultants and category expert can teach Conciliator™ how to categorize in detail data or can easily create new actions to automated
Conciliator™ comes with user interfaces and a patented business rule editor in order to
– Ease the teaching of algorithm by operational people
– Integrate seamlessly non-automated processes
– On-board business expertise
– Provide an optimal user experience

This way Procurement, Finance and HR teams can on-board business expertise whenever it is possible to maximise benefits, see short term ROI from the tool and benefit from an optimal user experience

In addition Conciliator™ can easily be extended to integrate third party Apps specialized in optimizing cost and processes. Building an Application doesn’t require programming skills and is great opportunity for experts to automate and monetize his or her business knowledge at a large scale.

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