Whether you are starting from scratch or want to fine tune your existing capabilities, we are THE experts in the US and Europe at implementing and running Commodity Price Risk Management (CPRM) in large corporates.

CPRM, or hedging, is the process of protecting your margins from the impact of commodity price fluctuations. It can help to minimize any adverse changes in prices, and also capitalize on positive movements. In doing so, it can help with everything from long-term business planning to managing your day-to-day cash flow. Ultimately, less risk means more peace of mind for you.

How we work with our clients:

1. Develop your CPRM effectiveness (consulting)

We’ll set-up or improve your approach to managing commodity volatility and enable you to make better informed trading decisions. There are many important aspects to think through and set-up to succeed at CPRM. Commodity markets are volatile and dynamic, so managing your exposure to those markets also must be dynamic. We’ll show you how to navigate the ups and downs, stabilize earnings, reduce costs and enhance profitability.

2. AMO (technology)

We built the AMO platform to Automate the Middle Office of large corporates’ CPRM activities. AMO calculates your daily risk position and provides the governance and compliance you need to manage price risk. It helps to reduce risk, solves the many issues of using Excel, and is quick and easy to set-up.

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