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In Their Own Words: Focal Point

As a SaaS platform, Focal Point delivers a world-class procurement orchestration solution solving our client’s needs from intake to outcome for any activity request or planned work. Using the power of API integration, the project activity record becomes the focal point of execution; collaboration and decision-making matriculating value to benefit management tracking.

Gone are the days of pinball procurement: bouncing around from system to system, reloading data and having to update spreadsheets manually in the name of project control. The world of procurement project activity management becomes real-time with unprecedented visibility to all requestors, stakeholders and end users.

By separating work types by planned and unplanned work, Focal Point delivers logical pathways to execution based on the way procurement thinks and operates. Business users engage with Focal Point at the project record level – where all essential data elements, from existing technology or third-party data systems, can be viewed. This approach eliminates “pinballing” from system to system and manual data stitching.

The Focal Point system uses Frames, Tools and workflow to deliver procurement clarity. Users leading project work in Focal Point can pivot to see data in each of the four Frames – Requests, Projects, Suppliers and Categories. Tools manage data, build surveys, set goals, keep stakeholders informed and create custom reporting. Tools build a culture of agility and visibility. Workflow is no-code, leaving clients empowered to proliferate deployment of Focal Point as needed where literally any request or project activity type can be modeled. Learn more below:

  • Frames: Highly configurable, collaborative spaces to manage processes and integrate data and eliminate manual tasks across intake, projects, suppliers and categories. Frames build proactive procurement strategies by providing live context for decisions.
  • Tools: Automated, customizable tools that enable procurement teams to manage data, build surveys, set goals, keep stakeholders informed, and create custom reporting. Tools build a culture of agility and visibility.
  • Workflow: Easy interface for intake through co-working with clients, IT, legal, and other internal functions. Workflow fuels efficient, transparent and productive collaboration with conditional logic task triggers.

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