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Genesis helps healthcare providers manage cost to deliver care. Using the latest mobile technologies and implementing best practices in traceability, cost capture and inventory management, Genesis enables healthcare providers to reduce cost and implement efficiencies throughout the entire value chain, while obtaining full visibility into the cost to deliver care, with ease and minimal effort.

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About Genesis Automation USA

The Genesis Solution

Until now there has not been a simple, automated way for U.S. hospitals to track lost, wasted and expired supplies. The right supply management technology can improve the safety, quality, cost and traceability of supplies across the enterprise, enabling hospitals to stay competitive, improve profit margins and provide best-in-class care.

Genesis provides innovative value-chain solutions which improve patient safety, cut costs and eliminate waste for both healthcare and technology – reducing the amount of lost/wasted/expired product by as much as 20% in supply costs. Our automated system does this by tracking medical supplies and devices from hospital entry point through every phase of distribution and use within the healthcare setting, including the OR. By connecting vital healthcare data throughout the workflow process, Genesis Automation enables providers to access accurate information in real-time for better decision making. The integrated platform allows hospitals to develop customizable analytics that turn ordinary supply chain data into business intelligence to better determine the movement of products and supplies.

Genesis addresses multiple challenges faced by healthcare providers today, all from a single, strategic platform:

• Surgical wastage (automatically optimize surgeon preference cards)
• Loss due to expiration
• Procedure costing / standardization
• Surgical inventory management
• Consignment inventory
• Recall management
• Implant and live tissue tracking
• Bio-medical equipment management
• Central sterilization process
• Costly cabinet systems

Inventory Management:
The Genesis Inventory and Materials Management modules give health systems real time visibility of ALL of their stock (high, medium and low cost) in every managed location.
Automation and more efficient inventory management allows large scale inventory reduction across the health system – not just in high spend areas like OR’s but throughout the hospital.

Secure Room System:
For a location with high cost implants, the patented Genesis Secure Room System will provide enhanced levels of security while being highly flexible and extremely cost efficient when compared to alternative costly cabinet solutions in the market today

Recall Management:
Genesis stops expired or recalled items from being used on a patient, and makes it extremely easy to track items by batch, lot, and expiry date. Additionally, Genesis helps hospitals achieve UDI compliance for Meaningful Use Stage 3 by capturing UDI and tying it to the patient record.

Genesis Business Analytics – Make full OR cost reporting easy and highly accurate. Analyze cost by:
• Procedure
• Operating Room
• Surgeon
• Patient

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