Glantus is a global provider of accounts payable automation and analytics solutions. Our award-winning Data Platform eliminates cost, maximizes working capital and delivers new revenue streams. We do this by connecting all AP systems and suppliers on one agile platform that unblocks automation initiatives and puts your data to work.

At Glantus, our mission is to simplify data to drive constant innovation. Data flows seamlessly from all transactional systems, informing strategy and driving new levels of efficiency. Frictionless supplier interactions, enable agility, improve margins and create new business opportunities.

The Glantus Data Platform is rapidly deployed around existing systems without disruption or risk to the operational processes. Our unique data streaming technology does away with the need for big integration projects, even for proprietary or legacy systems. Our advanced analytics empower management to make decisions based on real-time data. We strive to WOW our customers with insights beyond belief.

As innovators, we’ve been the first to bring powerful new data technologies to the AP market. Our recovery audit services help repair ongoing issues while delivering more lost profits back to your bottom line. As a company we’re certified to the highest international standards for quality and information security and personal information management. Our network of international offices support customers and suppliers in 110 countries.

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6920 Santa Teresa Blvd #202, San Jose, CA, 95119, United States


1 800 898 1858


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