Procurement now has its own platform: the Global Services Exchange. You buy everything else online. Why not business services?

The Web has transformed just about every trading experience, both domestic and commercial. At blur Group we believed it was inevitable that buying and selling business services online would become as commonplace as buying business consumables like toner cartridge and laptops. We saw the Next Big Thing for business being Service Commerce. S-Commerce for short. S-Commerce will draw upon the familiarity of using an online platform like Amazon, underpinned by similarly sophisticated but hidden technology.

With 35.000+ experts approved service providers on the Global Services Exchange, blur Group can take your project from requirement to delivery in a streamlined, cost effective, online process.

Using blur Group’s Exchange ensures the best pitches to shine through, giving your business the opportunity to work with the most suitable and cost effective service providers. Providing a level-playing field when it comes to business pitching encourages innovation and competitiveness and helps your business to fulfill its project needs.

From brief to deliver, your project is tracked, automated and secure. And we have lots of humans to support you, too.

Brands like Regus, Tyco, CNN and General Electric are already here. Join them now.

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