Raindrop is the next-generation Enterprise Spend Management Procure-to-Pay (P2P) platform designed by Procurement professionals, for Procurement and Finance professionals.
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In Their Own Words: Raindrop

Raindrop is the next-generation Enterprise Spend Management Procure-to-Pay (P2P) platform designed by Procurement professionals, for Procurement and Finance professionals. Raindrop is based in the heart of Silicon Valley with customers located throughout the world.

CPOs and CFOs count on Raindrop to address their top Procurement and Finance issues, including digital transformation, reducing costs, and delivering innovation through procurement. Raindrop enables leaders to execute a clear enterprise digital strategy to maintain a holistic view of external supplier obligations and risks.

Raindrop enables fulfilling business processes more efficiently via the application of technology and controlling your enterprise spend. The technology identifies targeted actionable intelligence on the top leverage points for cost takeout, and Raindrop’s professional procurement services organization helps clients to realize those hidden gems.

Raindrop’s combination of technology, people, and processes, delivers a self-funding investment which increases your operating margins by cost savings and cost containment, increasing compliance, reducing supplier risk, proactively addressing contract renewals as well as asset consumption, all while returning money back to your bottom line.

Raindrop’s founders have worked in the Procurement industry as practitioners and leaders for 30 years. They have used and negotiated with every established P2P solution provider, as well as many point solutions. They have a clear sense of authenticity and legitimacy, especially when speaking to C-level executives in Procurement, Finance and Technology.

Built in the cloud as a single code base SaaS solution, Raindrop was built for rapid deployment and ease of integration with other systems. Raindrop’s platform is modular in nature, so that customers can pick and choose the best combination of functionality that will be suitable for their specific use cases to meet their immediate business challenges while not “boxing them in” in a way that limits them for future needs.

Actionable intelligence comes from having real-time visibility across all critical supplier touchpoints in a “single pane of glass” that comes from combining data directly from the Raindrop platform, third-party systems and/or suppliers.

Raindrop modules include Analytics, Planning, Sourcing, Contracts, Supplier Performance/Risk/Compliance, Procurement, Invoices, AP Matching and Payments.

Customers have the option to use the entire suite or a sub-set that can “co-exist” with any incumbent point solutions that may be difficult to immediately replace.

Raindrop is built on a modern technology stack with “out-of-the box” industry-specific use cases that are immediately available upon instance activation. Customer-defined configurations can be delivered in weeks, not months (or years), which include ERP and third-party system integrations, using REST-API and web-hooks. An in-platform Collaboration portal enables real-time communication between Procurement, Business Stakeholders and Suppliers. All communications are captured and available for Audit and similar purposes.

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