SpendBoss is a spend / asset management & e-purchasing software that gives companies the ability to connect to their vendors with a single sign on, consumer like experience. Our customers put controls in place utilizing a custom hierarchy, and receive transactional analytics.  

We import items from our customers vendors and build custom categories and catalogs for their users. At implementation, we can put budgets and quantity controls in place by period, vendor release schedules, auto suspension and fast release options by item, and more. SpendBoss simultaneously creates PO’s for multiple vendors from one cart which is then transmitted with the correct items attached. This means the users simply populate their cart with the items they need and check out. The system then takes over to make sure each vendor gets the correct items on a PO created for them.

Corporate users can send messages to their locations that will show up on the dashboards, make an inventory request from locations, and push orders to locations containing items they know those locations will need. 

Administration level users can give access to Amazon where they can purchase items by punching out from SpendBoss. Upon check out from Amazon those items will be populated in the SpendBoss cart, create an internal PO.,

SpendBoss offers AssetBoss. Customers can load information specific to their assets, including an image, and track them by location and user.

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13850 Ballantyne Corporate Place, #500, Charlotte, NC, 28277, United States


855-558-BOSS (2677)



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