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SupplHi is an innovative end-to-end Vendor Management platform developed for the global market of B2B industrial equipment and services. Being an out-of-the-box modular solution, SupplHi offers extensive capabilities across the entire supply chain.

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SupplHi is an innovative end-to-end Vendor Management SaaS developed for the $900/year global market of B2B critical equipment and services for plant engineering, chosen by the most demanding buyer organizations of all sizes to manage their vendor base efficiently and compliantly, across the globe.

SupplHi is an unconventional approach to a very traditional problem: through its digital platform, SupplHi SaaS combines efficiency and compliance to manage a complex supplier base while allowing real-time monitoring of vendors-related risks and stimulating improvement actions. Its industry-wide collaborative network of 129,000 Vendors distributed across 125 geographies and 2,900 categories of supply, allows cost reduction and better time management for all, on a global level.

Being an out-of-the-box modular solution, SupplHi offers extensive capabilities across the entire supplier-management cycle, allowing Customers to use the platform to perform scouting, qualifications, performance evaluations, monitoring of ESG and operational performances, and calculate the GHG emissions of their supplier base, within the Scope 3 perimeter. SupplHi APIs are easy to integrate with any other system (ERP, P2P, BI) and with data providers. For larger organizations, SupplHi can also act as Vendor Master Data and single-source-of-truth with Vendor Golden Records, across multiple systems.

Vendors increase their sales opportunities with the right clients through qualified visibility and undertake the qualification processes through a single and easy-to-use system. SupplHi is designed for both SMEs and large multinationals. SupplHi increases transparency, efficiency, compliance, and opportunities while reducing costs for all, on a global level.

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