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Utmost, the first Extended Workforce System, offers solutions for the enterprise and its extended workforce – from temporary workers to consultants, vendors, freelancers, contractors, and more – to seamlessly and efficiently work together. The software is designed for workers to have control of their data and transparency into their work history, independent of traditional employment relationships. Utmost was founded in 2018 by former Workday executives, Annrai O’Toole and Dan Beck and former Groupon CTO EMEA Paddy Bensen, and is backed by Greylock Partners and Workday Ventures.

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About Utmost Software

Today, competitive pressures and uncertain business environments require innovative data-driven software solutions. Enterprise workforce solutions applications built on technology developed over 20 years ago cannot keep pace with the way work is done today.

Utmost delivers the first Extended Workforce System (EWS) that helps enterprises extend Workday to their non-employee workforce (i.e. contingent workers, freelancers, contractors, temporary workers, outsourced resources, and consultants). With Utmost, enterprises can source, engage, and pay every category of non-employee from a single entry point integrated with Workday. This allows businesses to gain full visibility into their extended workforce, enabling data-driven decisions across HR, Procurement, Finance, IT, and lines of business.

Utmost is built to support a dynamic, flexible, digital-first workforce. Built on a foundation of core competencies, Utmost EWS combines the functionality of a standard vendor management system (VMS) with several differentiators that go beyond the scope and capabilities of these legacy transactional systems, including a Workday-native integration, full global workforce coverage, modern architecture, state-of-the-art security, and pricing differentiation.

In addition to displacing the traditional VMS, Utmost provides a single global enterprise solution that enables all Managed Service Providers, Suppliers, and Workers to engage effectively, efficiently and securely. Utmost allows each entity to manage its own configurable business processes and data requirements within their own secured environment, offering a fresh approach that delivers efficient self-service to managers, reduces cost, and delivers total visibility.

As a comprehensive solution for enterprises who are Workday users, Utmost customers gain more transparency, greater visibility, and increased control over their total workforce – employees and non-employees. Utmost EWS delivers a modern, powerful, and flexible system that not only increases productivity, ensures compliance, and reduces costs, but also provides a people-centric system that supports complex, multi-entity workflows reflective of how work gets done today.

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Our View

Utmost is a new entrant to the contingent workforce/services solutions space which, over the past several years, has seen the emergence of a number of innovative providers that complement or directly challenge established VMS players. Utmost has gone to market with what it calls an “extended workforce system” or EWS -- a platform that enables an enterprise to manage its total non-employee workforce (encompassing any and all categories of extended workforce, including temporary staffing, independent contractor workers, workers provisioned by services providers under corp-to-corp agreements/SOWs, et al).

Utmost has envisioned and is developing a platform that is uniquely designed to meet current and future needs to optimally engage and manage an enterprise’s extended workforce as a part of its total workforce. Over the 2 years, Utmost has developed a purpose-built technology foundation that will enable enterprises to engage and manage their extended workforce according to how they specifically configure their implemented solutions using a range of capabilities such as Utmost Flow (an intuitive workflow designer), Smart Forms (a way to implement user-facing functionality), et al.

Utmost enables concurrent multiple engagements of contract workers within a given enterprise, even with different rate structures and other attributes. Utmost’s “anomaly engine” continuously monitors the compliance of work arrangements and other variables. Integration with Workday provides various capabilities that support the aim of total workforce management, including, for example, being able to create custom Workday org charts/hierarchies that include extended workers.

So, why did Utmost make it onto the 2020 Future 5 list?

Utmost has taken a truly unique approach to building a comprehensive platform that enterprises can use to address all aspects of their extended workforce, ultimately including lifecycle sourcing, engagement and financial management. Rather than focus on building “a better VMS,” Utmost has focused on building, what we might call, “a post-VMS,” an extended workforce management platform for a future of work in which the extended workforce -- taking many different forms -- will become an increasingly integrated part of an organization’s capability base.

Utmost’s platform approach is decidedly customer-centric -- for workers as well as enterprises. Workers are central to the data architecture and they are supported as engaged members of a platform community and --as Utmost says --not just rate cards. Enterprises not only have access to extensive and deep, purpose-built capabilities to engage with and manage extended workers. They also can flexibly configure their own solutions to address their current needs and any future one over time.

Any threats or challenges ahead?

Utmost’s “platform-up” approach could potentially be a bit of a double-edged sword, as it gradually defines itself in the market where expectations are tightly wrapped around VMS, while at the same time being in rebellion against it. There can be dangers in having too much to offer. But to the extent that Utmost will be firmly anchored in the Workday ecosystem (practically speaking, an extension of Workday HCM), it should enjoy a certain stability working with Workday customers.

Utmost has been very clear about its intent to deliver a platform that will eventually supersede established VMS solutions in its unified approach to extended workforce, scope and depth of capabilities and flexibility/configurability. That said, it faces a climb to reach a state of development that will make it a true substitute for a mature VMS. In the meantime, Utmost will have to contend competitively with other VMS solutions, including some already in the Workday partner ecosystem. But what it may have in its favor is the Workday platform technology extensibility and Workday functional integration.

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