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Vertaeon offers a comprehensive web-based solution for Supply Chain and Enterprise Risk analytics, leveraging multiple data sources and formats towards identifying uncertainties, vulnerabilities and related cost/brand impacts. Our other solution delves into operational analytics (Energy) one of the largest variable spend item in manufacturing.
Vertaeon’s solution extracts, transforms and aggregates data from internal and external data sources and applies advanced analytics on hundreds of variables. We apply machine learning towards multi-variable analytics, over various categories and over time, to provide a comprehensive and dynamic view into operational, environmental, financial, geopolitical, social, governance and compliance risks as well as sustainability/ESG impact.
The resulting comprehensive assessment develops actionable steps for enterprise risk mitigation, sustainable procurement, higher supply chain visibility and sector benchmarking – all leading to competitive advantage.
Our Capability (thanks to extensive operational and business backgrounds of Vertaeon team) to synthesize analytics results and to provide intelligence for action items at category, business unit or C-Suite level, is a true differentiator from pure IT play.

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1050 Crown Pointe Parkway, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA, 30338, United States


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