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What’s The Price enables buyers and category managers to determine their supplier’s price at any given point in time. You are able to see it all: the cost price breakdown, the price structure, the price developments and the margin. WTP is cloud-based procurement software. The basis is formed by big data on industries (364), commodity prices (1,500), labour costs (60 countries), energy costs and all exchange rates. With a few simple selections, you get direct insight into 18 relevant cost drivers. This gives the buyer valuable negotiation points based on facts within minutes. An enormous high speed to value. The insights offer the purchaser the possibility to get a better deal. Furthermore, WTP ensures that an achieved price develops in the right way in the future. All in all, the tool strengthens the negotiation position of a purchaser, since WTP believes that everyone should work more data driven and base their business on facts.

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About What’s The Price (WTP)

WTP Buynamics is a company founded by purchasers in 2015. They understand other buyers and product managers and still form the basis of the organization. We sell subscriptions and are not consultants. We have developed 2 extremely pragmatic cloud tools, WTP (what’s the price) and VRS (vendor rating software). Both can be installed without the help of the IT department. Since the foundation, there has been a significant growth in people (from 3 to 20) and turnover (doubling every year). In addition to its home country of the Netherlands, the company has bewen growing rapidly by is building partnerships in Germany, Great Britain, France, India and the USA.

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