Vendor Selection

Participating in SolutionMaps (Providers) 

Spend Matters continuously tracks providers across the entire procurement and supply chain technology landscape (e.g. 50+ E-procurement providers alone).

Our analyst team is comprised of former senior practitioners, consultants and true technology experts, allowing for the depth of analysis and content found on Spend Matters (read more about the core coverage areas). Our team reports on all market developments ranging from M&A activities to disrupters entering the marketplace. And everything in between.

For each first SolutionMap ranking we invite a wide selection of providers to participate. Our goal is to accurately reflect the available 'supply market' and different types of providers within it. After all, different organizations have different needs and ‘one-size’ does NOT fit all.

Not all providers respond to our SolutionMap RFIs, as participation requires a time consuming, rigorous assessment process. Those who do participate not only get a ranking but also detailed insight into Spend Matters’ scoring reasoning and advice on how to advance their offering.

Participation is free. Many participants are Spend Matters clients. And many are not. For the first eProcurement SolutionMap released in Q2 of 2017, 71% of providers were Spend Matters clients.

We invite participation from all providers in the markets we cover. If you would like to participate:

  1. Add your name to the RFI recipients list
  2. Complete the RFI process upon receiving the invite

Solution / Technology Selection (Practitioners and Consultants)*

SolutionMap is a visual representation of highly documented, curated and validated peer-reviewed datasets. Unpack SolutionMap market intelligence to find the right technology for you.

Contact the SolutionMap Client Services team if you want access to detailed:

  • Solution descriptions
  • Persona definitions and weightings
  • Custom persona definition and shortlists
  • SolutionMap scoring (by product and capability)
  • SolutionMap scoring (by provider, including Emergent Contenders; i.e., the "lower left" box in each SolutionMap)
  • Mix / match customized scoring by capability requirement
  • RFI strategy approaches and RFI documents
  • Granular solution user requirements checklists
  • ​Provider-specific analysis (including SWOT analyses)
  • The experts behind SolutionMaps to guide or aid your procurement solution selection processes and procurement technology architecture

* Detailed intelligence is reserved for practitioners and Spend Matters consultancy / system integrator partners only.