Risk & Compliance Management - Embedding Risk Management in Procurement and Supply Chain

Just as hope is not a strategy, risk management efforts that are loosely coupled from procurement and supply chain activities (e.g., strategic sourcing, supplier development, total cost modeling, inventory/working capital, etc.) will eventually come up short. In the past, supplier and supply chain risk management was largely a reactive exercise. But today, we can predict not only how suppliers and supply chains are likely to behave; we can begin to rewrite history before it’s sealed in our corporate earnings books. With the massive advances in supply chain risk management and compliance management solutions in recent years, the time is now to get smart on how these approaches can help reduce supplier risk and help to create more nimble supply chains -- which is especially valuable in a world where global trade and politics and increasingly inseparable. Join Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell in this webinar as they explore:
  • A segmentation of the types of supplier & supply chain risk and compliance management technologies and solutions at your disposal
  • A shortlist of vendors in each of these areas
  • How and where to embed these throughout your procurement and supply chain functions
  • Optimal ways to create linkages with other areas of procurement technologies
  • How to create a risk aware procurement culture