Sourcing, Contract and Supplier Management - Predictions and 2017 Tech Trends

The landscape of sourcing, contract and supplier management technologies will evolve more rapidly in 2017 than before. Already, solutions that span the strategic sourcing, supplier management, contract lifecycle management and spend analysis areas are starting to take advantage of new underlying technology enablers including new paradigms in usability, advanced analytics, network business models and cross-suite (& virtualized suite) integration components. It won’t be long before they leverage even newer advances in blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and greater decision guidance among other new technology building blocks. You have your hands full managing the day-to-day but do need to keep up with technological advances as they will severely impact your role. The Spend Matters analyst team is here to help. Listen in on Jason Busch for a 2017 technology outlook that spans:
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Strategic procurement
  • Contract lifecycle management (CLM)
  • Spend (and supply) analytics
These insights will help you to prioritize the best set of investments for procurement analytics, sourcing, contracting and supplier management efficiencies going forward. Get smart (and get your entire organization smart) on these topics from a business perspective! And surprise your friends in IT as you dance around topics to which they can relate -- and further procurement’s mission. Also shared: Vendor shortlists for consideration in each of these areas (and some of what the “innovators” on the vendor side are up to!)