The Supply Chain Devil’s Dozen: Top 12 Supplier Risks For 2017

Brexit and Trump are so 2016.

The general consensus was that 2016 sucked. The world waits with bated breath as to what 2017 will bring! Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell are here to share Spend Matters' "dirty dozen" risks for 2017. We have 12 ideas that focus on supply chain and supplier risks specifically, and it's all stuff you should pay attention to (starting yesterday). We discuss:
  • How procurement organizations can shift their investments and strategies to account for the world's major changes
  • How to "map" these risks to their underlying causes (and causes to different types of risk)
See if your firm's 2017 risk focus areas align to both Spend Matters analysis and what we're hearing from your peers -- gain a leg up on the competition (or pending global turmoil).